Sunday, December 27, 2009

Something for deliberation (21)

Went for trekking with my sons this morning. Later, we went to the stall at the park for breakfast. I finished my nasi lemak ( rice cook with coconut milk, eaten with fried dry chili paste ). Then my youngest son asked his brother, "what is this long thing in the chili paste?". Without my spectacles, I told him, "it must be the chili not properly grounded!". On closer look, the brother said, "it's a cockroach, pa!"

Everything stopped for a moment. Customers at the next table looked over. The nasi lemak was well liked here, so many customers would have taken the same food as we did.

I called for the operator and showed him the culprit. Upon seeing that , he apologised profusely to me. He took out his phone and called the supplier saying he would complain and get him to come over.

I didn't wait for the supplier to come. I asked for the bill. The operator said it's on him and I said no, "those food which were clear, I will pay except the one which was not".

Before I left, the operator explained, "I am very sorry for the incident. Hope you understand that I don't cook and prepare the food. I buy from people to sell. ( He felt the explanation was needed because I come here to eat whenever I come here trekking )

I said, "Fine! That point I can understand. There is a cockroach found in the rice, what is your action? You have to do your part, play your role with responsibility. Don't be out of business because the food other people cook which you are selling is not hygienic, when you provide good service and are well liked by the customers for your good PR? You have to do quality control. You cannot keep quiet and keep buying from this people.

My point is this :
You don't cook the food, so if it's unhygienic , that is the fault of the cook; if you buy food from cook who cannot cook clean food ( after bringing the matter to his attention ), then it's your fault. You are being more irresponsible, in fact. Don't just blame the cook for not cooking the food in a clean way, you too can help in that matter by playing your role RIGHT!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something for deliberation (20)

As a businessman, profit margin from the selling price or cost has little meaning. Profit margin must be seen from the context of time that one needs to spend to make that amount. It's not how much one gets to make from the selling price that is important but how much time needs to be spent to earn that amount!
The same reasoning should apply when the same businessman becomes a customer, consumer, when he buys a service or product : Higher price does not necessarily mean it's more expensive and cheaper price does not necessarily mean it's cheaper.
Can customers be made to understand this point? Would they consider this point when the price quoted to them is different i.e higher? What if the difference in price is justified by the inclusion of add value?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Something for deliberation (19)

I come across this statement in an advertisement : Quality is our product. Service is our business. This organisation that put up the advertisement did not say / see that X which they are producing is not their product and producing X is not their business. What a perception!!

It got me thinking ; what is our business then and what is it we are selling?

Is it fabrication and installation? Production? Contracting?

I want to make service as our business and quality as our product. This is a powerful statement. The focus of the business must be very clear and precise. One has to be sure of the company business, to strengthen the company's positioning, to direct the company along the journey to where she wants to be / go.
I shall be deliberating further on this.......

Something for deliberation (18)

It's very common in our line to have customers complaining that our price is expensive because others are quoting, advertising for the purportedly same job cheaper.

What makes the price?

Do all customers only look at the price based on what they are charged to decide which company charges cheaper? Would they consider other features such as convenience, ease of communicating & coordinating the job, after sales service alongside the price to decide which company charges cheaper?

Something for deliberation (17)

If one's business can get bust if one doesn't get paid for the job, how can credit be given indiscreetly? How can there be no management over credit?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Samples of aluminium frame and glass for casement window

Above photos are the standard types of aluminium frame and glass being used to make casement window. Besides the natural anodised, medium bronze, champagne gold for the window frame, there are also close to twenty colours to choose for powder coating.
As for the glass, there are clear, tinted ( dark,blue,green,bronze ), reflective ( blue and green ) glass to choose for the window.

Something for deliberation (16)

There have been cases of business, companies big and small, closing down or winding up because they couldn't get paid for the goods or jobs delivered. When competition is high, you will find profit margin low. The squeeze does not only come from lower margin but also from longer term of payment.

The smaller you are, the harder you will be hit insofar as operating business in a tough environment is concerned. When the time comes to pay supplier and subcontractor, smaller sized businesses will have more problems if they cannot pay. More often than not, the bosses will have direct dealing or negotiation in the transaction and there is practically no" buffer layer" in avoiding commitment that is due.

Big company, organisation will have their managers to deal with smaller sized businessmen and it is easier if these gentlemen say " account has not prepared, processed the payment ; account has overlooked your case ", " the company is holding on your payment". When this happens, the latter have to start "rummaging the bush in the forest to hunt for the rabbit", to meet his commitment.

The headache faced is one thing. Many can accept it as part of the job hazards. But there are some who have to close shop because their customers cannot pay them.

This brings me to the points I want to highlight in this posting :

1) How much does the knowhow and skill that are involved in the business that have been closed down really worth? And I say, if any business had to close shop under such circumstances, then their knowhow and skill did not worth much, if there were indeed knowhow and skill involved!!

2) Knowhow / skill alone is not enough to run a business. It can be an integral part but it is not the whole thing. It can be one important thing but it is not everything. There are other important parts that complement to make the business run competitively......

About the other parts, " I shall return ".

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Something for deliberation (15)

When the "fact of the matter" is such : There is surely more than one way to get X done and you are definitely not the only one who can do that, then knowing how to play a role, to complement the overall process is more important than knowing how to do a specific job / task.

Somebody needs to play that specific role which is very important but no player is indispensable.
As has been said, there is no indispensable man in a business, company. In larger context, not even in any country in this world.

China had moved on after Deng XiaoPeng and is still moving forward. Singapore will still continue to grow even without Mr Lee Kuan Yew at the helm

Something for deliberation (14)

I was told of this story that the management of a private hospital telling their doctors to treat every patient in the hospital as their customer and that wasn't received very well by some of the doctors.

This was the rationalisation given : If I had to treat them so well and important, wouldn't that make me as a doctor being less important, significant in status, qualification than the patients. Well, after all I am the doctor and I am needed to treat them!

Well, I believe everybody has his reason, point to believe what he wants to believe. The perception plays a very important role in shaping one's belief.

If one, be it doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant, architect, sees oneself as the specialist with the attitude "I definitely know more than you", the service aspect of the job rendered will not be satisfactory. One the other hand, if one carries out the job from "doing business or a businessman" standpoint and has the perception that nothing happens unless something happens at the marketplace, then I believe, the result will be far more satisfactory.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Something for deliberation (13)

Few days ago, I said that being able to work as a team is more important than knowing how to do certain job in the wider context of renovation and sub-construction line. Why did I say so?

The marketplace is getting smaller with the help of technology, especially the information and communication technology. Who is selling X and where are they? Who is doing Y and where are they? It is not hard to know that : If not through Internet, there are advertisement through many medium.

If you look hard enough, you will find that there is "not just one clinic or accounting / secretarial firm around". If doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects are not exempted from the competition and challenge brought about by the opening up of the market, what make other professionals and skilled men otherwise ?

Professionals and skilled workers under one organisation / company, nowadays, have to be able to work as a team, with each playing a role to get the job done, contribute to the larger goal. This should be the perception. The emphasis must be on service.

When you accept the "fact of the matter" that you are "not the only guy around who can do X" and, " it always take more than one guy to get X done", you should understand the importance of being able to work as a team and providing service. This "fact of the matter" is especially true in renovation and sub-construction line.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Something for deliberation (12)

In free market or what they call open economy, if supply is more than demand, price MUST go down. In the context of doing business, providing a service, if there are more people who can do a certain job of which you are also doing, then that skill will become a commodity and it is subject to the forces of demand and supply.

Showroom cum office - plain gypsum board partition

Plain gypsum board partition which come with the paint colour of the customer's choice, that is the main reason the plain gypsum board is used instead of the vinyl gypsum board.

The finishing after the painting will give the partition a brick wall's look.

With the partition constructed under the suspended ceiling system which uses 2'0" x 4'0" gypsum ceiling board, you can have a very strong partition wall.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Partition - Aluminium mesh

Aluminium mesh is used as the infill to make security door, grille, fence and partition as illustrated in the the photos of this posting.

It can also be used for making machinery guards, security enclosures, decorative cum security screens, open air shelves and etc.

There are numerous benefits in choosing the aluminium mesh for the above mentioned usage/ purpose, namely, anti-rust, fire proof, vermin proof, good visibility, easy passage of air and light while ensuring security and protection.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Modern office theme.....less is more (3)

When the set up and furnishing is neat, organised, uncluttered, there will be less visual stress and distraction because what is soothing to the eyes will give a calming effect to the mind.

One part of the jobs of designing is to create illusions ; knowledge and experience to work on what is there, on one part, and making the eyes believe what is not there, on another part.

Modern office theme - less is more (2)

Many modern offices nowadays are favouring the "less is more" theme or trend even when space are not a constraint.

If it is of no use, don't put it there ; if it is not necessary to be so big or many, don't make it so.
That is a good guide to setting up one's office with minimalist theme.
I have this to share about the minimalist theme or style in furnishing and setting up one's office :
the main point is to keep every other things pure and purposeful while ensuring the form follows function.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something for deliberation (11)

I went to get some document printed at this stationery shop which also provides the service of getting name cards and company's rubber stamps done.
The boss was telling one customer that the price for getting the rubber stamp done was X Ringgit and it would take one week to deliver the goods. If the customer wanted it in one day's time, it could be arranged but the price would be 30% more. And the customer agreed to it.

I believe in some other industry, this concept is also being practised. In our industry, renovation and sub-construction, very often we find customers compare strictly on price. If it is acceptable that it costs you more to have the rubber stamp done faster, why is it not so when you can get the job done faster by company A that company B cannot give you?

Everybody agrees that time is money. When you could save time, you save money. Is it not so?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tempered glass partition : Modern office theme - less is more (1)

Full clear tempered glass office partition and door gives an atmosphere of being neat and organised.
The full glass on the surrounding wall of the office will make the room brighter and make it look more spacious.

The right choice of office interior furnishing will help to make the room more spacious too. Modern office interior furnishing nowadays go for this theme - less is more.

Roller blind, vertical blind, venetian blind and frosted film can complement the theme of " less is more " office interior furnishing as they don't take up available space.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something for deliberation (10)

In construction and renovation work / industry, what one, as individual, can do when compared to how much need to be done and the number of stages of work involved makes skill " I know how to fabricate and install 'this and that' " secondary to the ability to play a role - to be able to work as a team.

Partition wall with glass for showroom

With the combination of glass and gypsum partition as your shop front, you can choose your colour theme and display your window dressing skill in promoting your merchandise in the showroom.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Precaution in the usage of glass in the house.

A broken glass with pointed edge is no less lethal than a knife and dagger combined.
Houses with sliding door, swing door with glass should not compromise on the safety features. If the glass is not tempered or laminated, it should not be in one big rectangular piece as you would find in tall sliding door, fixed panel or divider in the house.
Glass with smaller surface area will not break as easy as the bigger piece with same impact being applied.
Accident can still happen even with all the safety features being taken, but it can be greatly reduced if precaution is taken!

Something for deliberation (9)

Dream is free.

When you can dream and if you do dream.....dream big.
That aspect of the dream is priceless.

I had a talk with a customer and this quote was shared with me.
I found it very meaningful, inspiring.
Then I went to log in to my blog and created two new ones ....
one-stop office interior solution and one-stop display solution.

For now, this much I can say about how and why the new blogs are created.

As I walk towards IT, hopefully, I can share more of the experience of dreaming a dream.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Heat and sound insulation

1.0  Why have insulation on ceiling and partition? Why lay glass wool on top of the ceiling board? Why fill up the stud cavity of the drywall with rock wool?

2.0 You insulate the wall and ceiling of your building / office wall and ceiling with glass wool / rock wool for the following reasons :

2.1 To stop the interior temperature , sound from escaping to the outside.

2.2 To stop the temperature and sound in Room A from escaping to Room B.

2.3 To stop the heat and sound from the outside from entering the building, office.

2.4 To fireproof the office / building's wall and ceiling.

3.0 Offices in the production area or near the assembly line would mostly have the wall and ceiling / roof insulated with rock wool / glass wool as they are excellent heat and sound insulators with fire resistant properties in them.

4.0 Sound from machine running and other production activities will greatly affect discussion among colleagues, telecommunication with clients if the sound insulation is not in place. Rock wool / glass wool are able to absorb the sound from outside the office and prevent it from spreading to the office.

5.0 With rock wool / glass wool inside the partition wall and on top of ceiling, the temperature in the air-conditioned room will be preserved, thus regulated. To the people working inside the office, they will enjoy the regulated cool working environment and saving on electricity.

6.0 Rock wool / glass wool are very suitable to be used on computer rooms, server rooms, special machine rooms and pharmaceutical stores that need to have a regulated temperature to maintain a certain degree of coolness at all time. As a heat insulator, it plays the role of stopping the temperature leaking from where it is installed or laid.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Range of works / services - past work

Job scope - aluminium and glass work for window and grille, gypsum plasterboard suspended ceiling for shoplots and houses at Kapar, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Main contractor - Smartcon Construction.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Range of works / services - past work 4

 Aluminium work for housing project at Batu Kawan, Butterworth

 Glazing work for housing project at Batu Kawan, Penang

Aluminium and glazing work for hospital at Klang, Selangor

Aluminium and glazing work for school at Klang, Selangor

Aluminium and glass work for housing project at Meru, Selangor

Aluminium and glass work for housing project at Kajang, Selangor

Aluminium and glass for housing project at Klang, Selangor

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cheaper gypsum plasterboard partition and suspended ceiling

Customers asked me : How to have the price lowered for the gypsum plasterboard partition or suspended ceiling?

Even though I am the contractor / installer for the jobs, I try not to be biased in answering it.
Yes, there are ways to achieve that.
Customers have to brief their contractors about the usage of the room, office or showroom.
Customers have to tell their contractors of their budget for the work.
Then the contractors can work out the profile of materials to be used ; thinner board and smaller framing materials can be used if the wall is not high and is meant as creation of space and division of working areas.
Cost can be reduced and price lowered while the contractor still make the same profit margin : in this way, contractors do not have to cut corners.

If customers can make do without after-sales service for the job, then they can get installers ( freelancers ) to work on labour / wage basis. Customers can buy direct from suppliers of the raw materials ; suppliers / stockists for the raw materials are plentiful.

After one year of solid working experience, many apprentice would have learned up all the skills, hence you can find many Indonesian and Bangladeshi workers as freelance contractors. In term of wage as part of the cost, yes, they can be much cheaper.

But I believe that service ( after-sales service included ) whereby the customers enjoy the convenience, thereby save time, is a valid cost that is to be reflected in the price.

Why drywall partition for offices and showrooms.

I was asked the other day : Why choose drywall / gypsum plasterboard partition over the conventional brick wall?

I feel the question should be rephrased such : Why go for brick wall when normal drywall can do the job?

As the drywall partition is put up using dry lining method and its' standard framework consists of floor tracks and studs, the whole process of construction is much faster, less messy / dirty, and cheaper as lesser components of material are used.

As the drywall partition is put up without chipping, hacking and cementing on the floor, wall and ceiling, there will be negligible damage caused when the wall is dismantled save for some holes on which the screws were applied to do the job.

If customers choose the gypsum plasterboard with vinyl ( in pattern and colour ), the whole process of the work will be shorter as closing up gaps on joints, smoothing and painting the surface are not required.

Of course, drywall partition is not meant to take very heavy stuffs leaning onto it or hanging on it, but for offices and showrooms, these features are not required, so drywall partition can fit in very well.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Range of work / services - past work 1

Job scope - aluminium and glass work for door, window and sub-station
for Hospital Klang, Jalan Bukit Kuda.
Main contractor - Usra Bina Sdn Bhd

Range of work / services - past work 2

Job scope - aluminium and glass work for window and door, iron work
for High School Klang's hostel.

Main contractor - Bina Mahir Sdn Bhd.

Job scope - aluminium and glass work for window and door for housing project at Pekan Meru, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Main contractor - E & W Management & Construction Sdn Bhd


Job scope - aluminium and glass work for window and door, gypsum plasterboard suspended ceiling for factories at Kapar 5th miles, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Main contractor - Smartcon Construction

Range of work / services - past work 3

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Partition - gypsumboard partition for pharmaceutical storage

The photos in this posting illustrate gypsum board (vinyl) partition as the store for pharmaceutical goods. The store needs to be air-conditioned 24 hours a day, clean and dry.

Gypsum board partitioning system was used to construct the wall as the surrounding / environment is dry ( no contact with water ) and the wall would not be taking heavy loads.

In a nutshell, it is much faster to use gypsum board to construct the partition / wall ; there are no hacking of walls to build the partition and the partition can be dismantled later on without damaging the floor and ceiling upon which the partition is positioned.

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