Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cheaper gypsum plasterboard partition and suspended ceiling

Customers asked me : How to have the price lowered for the gypsum plasterboard partition or suspended ceiling?

Even though I am the contractor / installer for the jobs, I try not to be biased in answering it.
Yes, there are ways to achieve that.
Customers have to brief their contractors about the usage of the room, office or showroom.
Customers have to tell their contractors of their budget for the work.
Then the contractors can work out the profile of materials to be used ; thinner board and smaller framing materials can be used if the wall is not high and is meant as creation of space and division of working areas.
Cost can be reduced and price lowered while the contractor still make the same profit margin : in this way, contractors do not have to cut corners.

If customers can make do without after-sales service for the job, then they can get installers ( freelancers ) to work on labour / wage basis. Customers can buy direct from suppliers of the raw materials ; suppliers / stockists for the raw materials are plentiful.

After one year of solid working experience, many apprentice would have learned up all the skills, hence you can find many Indonesian and Bangladeshi workers as freelance contractors. In term of wage as part of the cost, yes, they can be much cheaper.

But I believe that service ( after-sales service included ) whereby the customers enjoy the convenience, thereby save time, is a valid cost that is to be reflected in the price.

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