Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tempered glass partition : Modern office theme - less is more (1)

Full clear tempered glass office partition and door gives an atmosphere of being neat and organised.
The full glass on the surrounding wall of the office will make the room brighter and make it look more spacious.

The right choice of office interior furnishing will help to make the room more spacious too. Modern office interior furnishing nowadays go for this theme - less is more.

Roller blind, vertical blind, venetian blind and frosted film can complement the theme of " less is more " office interior furnishing as they don't take up available space.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something for deliberation (10)

In construction and renovation work / industry, what one, as individual, can do when compared to how much need to be done and the number of stages of work involved makes skill " I know how to fabricate and install 'this and that' " secondary to the ability to play a role - to be able to work as a team.

Partition wall with glass for showroom

With the combination of glass and gypsum partition as your shop front, you can choose your colour theme and display your window dressing skill in promoting your merchandise in the showroom.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Precaution in the usage of glass in the house.

A broken glass with pointed edge is no less lethal than a knife and dagger combined.
Houses with sliding door, swing door with glass should not compromise on the safety features. If the glass is not tempered or laminated, it should not be in one big rectangular piece as you would find in tall sliding door, fixed panel or divider in the house.
Glass with smaller surface area will not break as easy as the bigger piece with same impact being applied.
Accident can still happen even with all the safety features being taken, but it can be greatly reduced if precaution is taken!

Something for deliberation (9)

Dream is free.

When you can dream and if you do dream.....dream big.
That aspect of the dream is priceless.

I had a talk with a customer and this quote was shared with me.
I found it very meaningful, inspiring.
Then I went to log in to my blog and created two new ones ....
one-stop office interior solution and one-stop display solution.

For now, this much I can say about how and why the new blogs are created.

As I walk towards IT, hopefully, I can share more of the experience of dreaming a dream.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Heat and sound insulation

1.0  Why have insulation on ceiling and partition? Why lay glass wool on top of the ceiling board? Why fill up the stud cavity of the drywall with rock wool?

2.0 You insulate the wall and ceiling of your building / office wall and ceiling with glass wool / rock wool for the following reasons :

2.1 To stop the interior temperature , sound from escaping to the outside.

2.2 To stop the temperature and sound in Room A from escaping to Room B.

2.3 To stop the heat and sound from the outside from entering the building, office.

2.4 To fireproof the office / building's wall and ceiling.

3.0 Offices in the production area or near the assembly line would mostly have the wall and ceiling / roof insulated with rock wool / glass wool as they are excellent heat and sound insulators with fire resistant properties in them.

4.0 Sound from machine running and other production activities will greatly affect discussion among colleagues, telecommunication with clients if the sound insulation is not in place. Rock wool / glass wool are able to absorb the sound from outside the office and prevent it from spreading to the office.

5.0 With rock wool / glass wool inside the partition wall and on top of ceiling, the temperature in the air-conditioned room will be preserved, thus regulated. To the people working inside the office, they will enjoy the regulated cool working environment and saving on electricity.

6.0 Rock wool / glass wool are very suitable to be used on computer rooms, server rooms, special machine rooms and pharmaceutical stores that need to have a regulated temperature to maintain a certain degree of coolness at all time. As a heat insulator, it plays the role of stopping the temperature leaking from where it is installed or laid.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Range of works / services - past work

Job scope - aluminium and glass work for window and grille, gypsum plasterboard suspended ceiling for shoplots and houses at Kapar, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Main contractor - Smartcon Construction.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Range of works / services - past work 4

 Aluminium work for housing project at Batu Kawan, Butterworth

 Glazing work for housing project at Batu Kawan, Penang

Aluminium and glazing work for hospital at Klang, Selangor

Aluminium and glazing work for school at Klang, Selangor

Aluminium and glass work for housing project at Meru, Selangor

Aluminium and glass work for housing project at Kajang, Selangor

Aluminium and glass for housing project at Klang, Selangor

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