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We started off as fabricator, glazier and installer for aluminium and glass related work in 1996, based in Klang, Selangor under K.C.Lee Enterprise.

The range of products we covered were : sliding door and window, casement window, aluminium frame swing door, tempered glass door, tempered glass partition, aluminium frame fixed glass panel and frame less fixed glass panel for shop front, aluminium louver door, aluminium ceiling, gypsum board partition and suspended gypsum / plaster board ceiling.

Our job scope then was strictly on technical and labour, that is, we contribute technical skill and man power to get the job done according to specifications and meeting deadlines. Very often, we worked for wages only; we provide our skill and man hour to fabricate, assemble, glaze and install for bigger contractors who supplied us the place, transport, machinery and material. We gained good experience from working with them. Along the way, we learned about how to plan, co-ordinate and manage jobs on bigger scale.

Techno Skill Enterprise was formed in 2000 as marketing arm to source for business and co-ordinate, facilitate and manage the work while K.C.Lee Enterprise take care of the technical and manpower side of the work. The idea of this arrangement was to have separation of roles between brothers working together. It is our belief that specialization through assignment of role play in the form of division or team will lead to better efficiency and productivity.

Our job scope has included one-stop office renovation. We now provide one-stop office renovation service to shops and factories in Klang, Port Klang, Shah Alam. Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Damansara at Selangor, Malaysia.

Listed below are our team members in charge of the technical and installation sides of our work:

1. KHONG SOW YAP ENTERPRISE for aluminium and glass related work and repair service.

2. K.C.LEE CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISE for aluminium and glass, suspended ceiling and plasterboard ceiling for project work.

3. WL CEILING AND PARTITION WORKS for suspended ceiling and gypsum board partition for offices and shops.

4. UNIT PRO ENTERPRISE for suspended ceiling, plasterboard ceiling, plaster ceiling and gypsum board partition for factories.

5. N&N ENGINEERING WORKS for metal related work.

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