Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gypsum plasterboard for ceiling and wall application - Why the choice?

Gypsum plasterboard is the choice of the day to construct interior partition and suspended ceiling due to it's significant qualities of durability and stability.

It is lightweight, simple yet modern looking and, easier and faster to be installed.

Gypsum plasterboard can be fixed to timber, metal framing and masonry construction. It will provide an economical yet high quality finish to the interior of the premise.

In areas with high humidity, gypsum plasterboard with PVC backing can be used to act as barrier against moisture to prevent sagging, especially on the ceiling.

For areas of extremely high temperature, aluminium foil backing on the gypsum plasterboard can be used in the construction.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Suspended ceiling - Reducing the noise and heat in the interior.

By insulating your premise, office or house with rockwool, you can enjoy the benefits of temperature and noise reduction inside your home or premise. 

Rockwool insulation on your suspended ceiling will block out the heat from "outside" and keep the coolness of the house "inside". In the same manner, it will keep the outside noise from penetrating into the house or premise through the roof and ceiling.

Rockwool also has the following features: Fire-safe, water-repellent and maintenance-free.

Advantages of insulating your suspended ceiling and roof with rockwool are:

1. Cooler home / premise.
2. Outside noise being reduced.
3.Save energy; save money in electricity consumption; save the environment.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gypsum board the space creator

Gypsum board is popularly used for the partition of rooms both in the office and house. It is versatile, easy to construct and dismantle besides being economical. Used as area separation wall, it will result in great use of the space.

For houses or offices with small area size, gypsum board partition is able to increase the usable space as can be seen in photo 1 in this posting. With the right colour mix, each partitioned area created by the separation wall will stand out on it's own. Photo 2 tells it all!

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