Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tempered glass door - floor closer (2)

How high can a tempered glass door be ?
Does a bigger / taller door wear out the floor closer faster ?

You can have a tempered glass door as high as 8'0" / 9'0".
A bigger door does not wear out the floor closer faster when compared to a smaller door.
The floor closer wears out through utilisation, on condition the usage guideline is being followed.

VVP floor closer comes with a 12-month warranty against defects like oil leakage ( when usage guideline is followed ).

Friday, July 24, 2009

Frameless fixed glass / glass partition

An office partition by any other name is also a partition nonetheless.

There are gypsum board / chemboard partition, shopfront ( partition by aluminium frame and glass ), tempered glass partition ( partition by frameless tempered glass ) as exemplified by the two photos in this post.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tempered glass door - floor closer (1)

How long can a floor closer / hinge last ?

Firstly, that will depend on the 'traffic' - how often the door is being utilised.

Secondly, the size/weight of the door in use must match within the limit of the capacity of the floor closer. Inevitably, a bigger/heavier door needs a bigger capacity floor closer, hence a costlier one.

Under normal usage and where guidelines are followed, the floor closer will last many years with some brands giving 150,000 to 200,000 times utilisation of the door.

Door - tempered glass door

Tempered glass is used on door because of it's safety features.

Loose pivot and patch fitting that hold the door in position will cause the door to fall / collapse or hit on the other door, thereby cause breakage.

Loose pivot and patch fitting will cause the door to "shake" : this is the 'danger' signal.

Worn-out floor hinge as indicated by grease stain surrounding the pivot will cause the door to fling / shut faster than the normal rate, thereby cause injury to people using the door.

Tempered glass door should not "shake" when you open it or fling when it closes. If you have this problem, attend to it fast.

These are the additional safety measures to take on top of having tempered glass for safety reason.

Aluminium frame partition with glass panel

A partition wall and also a notice / advertisement board which is easy to maintain, nice-looking and versatile to boot !!

You can consider this as an option for the wall of the guest / waiting room in your office.

Glass - tempered glass (2)

Photos in this post have the logo / wording "TEMPERED" imprinted on the side of the glass for easy identification of tempered glass being used.

You will find it common to see the name like "AJIYA", "CRYSTAL", "KSG" on the tempered glass.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gypsum board partition - space saving partition with sliding door

If you need to have more partition room for your office and at the same time have space constraint, you can consider using sliding door instead of the standard swing-type partition door.

You can have a new comfortable office with just an area of 10'0" x 10'0".

Glass - reflective glass

Reducing the temperature / heat in the house!?

Besides choosing a light colour paint for the house exterior and roof, installing thermal insulation on the roof and ceiling, reflective glass is also used to reflect the heat, thus reduces the heat transfer from exterior to the interior of the house.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Glass - tempered glass (1)

Tempered glass is used on door, window and fixed panel for its safety features.

Tempered glass does break, so does the thicker type of tempered glass. But it breaks into many small pieces of small stones which are a bit roundish and cubic, unlike normal glass which breaks into pieces with jagged edge.

Injury sustained will not be deep as the one caused by broken normal glass with sharp, pointed edge!

How to tell or see if the glass on the fixed panel or door is tempered glass?
Look for the logo or wording "tempered" at the four corner of that piece of glass in question.

The logo "tempered" is marked blue on the photos of this post.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Casement window - reflective glass

Reflective glass on window, door and fixed glass panel are chosen to complement the colour or design theme of a house or an office.

The glass, with it's reflective coat, is able to cut down the light and temperature from outside passing in.

Some people got mistaken that with reflective glass on the window, they do not need curtain for their room/house!

In daylight, the reflective glass appears to be a mirror from the outside because it is darker inside the house. At night, the role reverses ; when the light is switched on and without curtain, everything inside the house or room is very clear and sharp to the outside.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our team member

Our team members in charge of the technical and installation aspects of the range of jobs and services that we provide :

1. K.C.Lee Enterprise for aluminium and glass work, suspended ceiling and gypsum plasterboard partition for project.

2. Khong Sow Yap Enterprise for aluminium and glass work and repair work such as replacement of faulty floor closer for tempered glass door and broken tempered glass door or fixed panel.

3. W.L Ceiling & Partition Works for suspended ceiling, plaster ceiling and gypsum board partition for offices and factories.

4. N & N Metal Works for metal related work.

The areas we cover in providing our range of services are mostly offices and factories in Klang, Port Klang, Shah Alam, Subang and Petaling Jaya.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gypsum board partition - partition on raised bricks wall

Gypsum board partition on raised bricks wall is constructed mostly in the production area where
trolley and forklift are commonly used to move the pallets around.

Gypsum board partition - partition outlook

Gypsum board is ideal for office partition because it is easy to maintain.

Laminated gypsum board allows you to wipe off the stain and finger print with ease.

Plain gypsum board allows you to change the colour of the wall as and when you fancy it.

You can consider rock wool insulation which can absorb sound passing between the gypsum board partition walls and from outside to inside the rooms.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Suspended ceiling - collapsed suspended ceiling

Suspended ceiling will collapse if the truss where the wire is hooked on to, gives way.

Other causes - the wire snaps or the method of fastening the suspended ceiling to the concrete (soffit) is wrong.

When there is no compromise on the way the wire is to be hanged and fastening tool is used to accurately drive in the nail with ceiling clip, even a 10,000 square feet ceiling area will hold firm.

Sliding window - sliding window installation

Sliding window saves space and provides safety feature because children won't accidentally bump into the edges when the window is opened.

If you install sliding window on wall that faces outside, rain will always wet the interior window sill and its surrounding unless there is awning for the window.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Casement window - tall casement window

A tall casement window always looks elegant.

If you have the space, why not go for 6'0" height window instead of the standard 4'0" height ?

By choosing full clear, blue or green tinted glass,

you can have a lot of wrought iron grille designs / patterns to match with the design in your house.

About the company.

We started off as fabricator and installer for aluminium and glass related work in 1996, based in Klang, Selangor under K.C.Lee Enterprise.

The range of products / services that we covered were : sliding window and door, casement window, swing door, fixed glass panel (shopfront), tempered glass door and fixed panel, aluminium louver door, gypsum board partition and suspended 2'0" x 4'0" gypsum / plasterboard ceiling.

Our job scope then was solely on the technical side i.e getting the work done according to the specifications and meeting deadlines. From working on house to house basis, we went into project's work like new housing estate, school hostel, hospital, shoptlots. Along the way, we gained some experience on how project job was coordinated and managed. 

Techno Skill Enterprise was formed in year 2000 as marketing arm to get business and manage the job while K.C.Lee Enterprise would take care of the technical side of the work. The idea was to have separation of job / role play by brother working with brother.

The business that we do nowadays includes other works related to renovation like ironwork, brickwork etc which some customers want us to also provide so that they can better manage and co-ordinate the job, hence get the job done faster.

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