Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sliding door as space creator

Versatility of sliding door - divide the space to create more space

Sliding door can be used to divide an open area into additional rooms or space with the sliding door functioning as a partition wall when it is closed. 

A big meeting room can be partitioned with sliding doors to divide it into three or four smaller rooms. In this instance, the sliding door function as room dividers that create space in the form of three or four rooms which can be used by four personnel in the organisation to perform their different duties or roles.

No tangible space is created BUT the creation of more  ( smaller )  individual space through  this room dividers will enable more jobs be carried out by more individual even though the real tangible space remains the same. That is productivity element, isn't it?

Glass partition for offices and showroom

Glass wall with aluminium frame for office, shop-front and showroom. 

Glass wall panel with aluminium frame in this posting is very popular with the renovation or general construction contractor for office or showroom renovation work. In local lingo, it is called shopfont.

To the designer and architect, this scope of work is called glass partitioning or glass panelling.

What are the advantages of having this type glass partition ?

1. Cost effective.
2. Durable.
3. Easy to maintain.
4. Putting the glass panel at the front of yous shop. you can showcase your products.
5. Easy to decorate the glass panel with design or colour to suit the promotion of your business.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sliding door as divider

Sliding door - the preferred choice of interior designer and renovation contractor for space saving

Aluminium frame sliding doors have both practical and design elements in it. It is highly recommended by renovation contractor and interior designer as doors between rooms and  room dividers in an office or a big open space.

The sliding door in this posting functions as a door to prevent the smoke of cooking from spreading out to the hall. It also serves as a divider for the hall and kitchen area. The sliding door is just needed to be closed - the view of a messy kitchen is out of sight and be replaced by a nice looking divider door.

Due to limited space in the opening between the hall and kitchen area, sliding door is the ideal choice as it will slide along the adjacent wall. Existing space in the opening is not being taken up - the sliding door will be pushed alongside the adjacent wall and hidden behind the wall when it is opened. In this context, sliding door built in this wall structure can save space.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Partition system - Aluminium framed partition

Partition for offices, work places and showrooms - partition wall with aluminium frame. 

The partition wall is constructed from aluminium frame that can come in it's natural colour or powder coat to match the interior colour of the work place. The infill for the wall can be of clear glass or  sand-blast glass. There is a wide range of blinds that can be installed on the wall for decoration as well as privacy purpose during meeting or discussion.

Partition system with aluminium frame and glass infill is cost effective. Installation job is clean and fast and it is easy to relocate as there is no hacking and plastering done on the partition frame.

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