Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something for deliberation (7)

Defining the problem...................
is the first step to ever solving it !!

If you can come up with question with regard to the situation or problem,
then you can work out the answer(s).

How can you solve the problem if you do not know what the problem is ??

Writing is good to clarify thoughts ; it can help you define the situation or state of the matter.
When you have that in place, you can concentrate, focus on finding the answer(s) to the question / problem.

That is one of the reasons we come to this blog.
There are many questions we have that need answers : there are still many things for us to learn.
We will phrase, structure the question that needs answer(s) as and when it comes to our mind.
We will pen down thoughts that we want further fine tune.
We want to learn and we hope we can share it through this blog with the colleagues, team members of our company and some "fated" visitors who happened to pass by our blog and took a look.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something for deliberation (6)

If customers can feel and taste that the porridge you sell has abalone in it, you can charge them higher and they will pay.

If you can add value, you will have competitive edge - setting yourself apart from the others who also sell porridge.

Something for deliberation (5)

Time is money.
Time, not raw material and labour cost, constitutes the biggest portion of the overall cost in many jobs.

Is the price you are charged to have something done for you the actual or overall cost to you?
Is the price cheap just because it is lower-priced ?
Is it expensive just because it is higher-priced?

How much time he takes to do it for you is one thing.
How much time it involves you directly and indirectly is another thing.

Price is what you pay for it. Value is what you get out of it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gypsum board partition - partition with glass

What effect does glass bring when it is used on gypsum board partition ?
Glass allows more light into the gypsum board partition office / room as well as creates an illusion of more space to the said office / room.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something for deliberation (4)

A tiger being held captive in a cage and put alongside the cage that keeps the monkey : is there any difference as to what the tiger can do which the monkey can't ?

Something for deliberation (3)

The weather is cold. It should affects everybody.
I feel cold. Doesn't he feel cold too? Or does he feel hot instead?
The weather is cold to everyone when " the weather is cold ".
There should be no exception.
How one feels, whether cold or warm, depend on what one uses or does to keep warm,
what one has to wear, where one stays.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something for deliberation (2)

What is service without the elements of convenience and speed
which will translate into time saving, comfort and ease of dealing ?

Something for deliberation (1)

"Something for deliberation....." will be posted so that it can be shared with the colleagues, team members of our company when they visit our blog.

We hope it will serve as the guide, pointer, a point of reference for further improvement to the way we run our business / manage our company.

'Learning to become better should be the journey and not the destination' - this is what we believe in and why we start the post under "Something for deliberation.....".

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tempered glass door next to fire door

Another tempered glass door was installed next to the fire door as illustrated by the three photos in this post.

With the tempered glass door being put up, the fire door can always be opened. The customer service is able to have a clear view of who is at the door before allowing them to come in by "unlocking" the electro magnetic lock (eml) which is added to this door.

The additional sub frame being installed for the tempered glass door enable both the fire door and tempered glass door to be closed without causing its' handle to hit one another.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Showcase - custom-made showcase

Size of showcase in this post is - 48" width, 18" depth and 84" height.

There are 4 rollers ( approximately 4" ) with grip on this showcase. The overall height come in three sections : top and bottom sections are enclosed and come with sliding glass with lock. The middle section is "open-space".

This showcase can be used as a standalone mobile counter for display and promotion of goods.

Tempered glass door - floor closer (3)

Will a heavy duty floor closer last longer if used on a standard-size tempered glass door ?

The life span of the floor closer, both for light and heavy duty, are the same.

From our experience, when a heavy duty floor closer is used on a standard-size tempered glass door ( which can make do with light duty floor closer ), it will make the door difficult to use ( harder to open ).

We found that floor closer on tempered glass door which opened on one-side tend to be more lasting than one opened on two-side.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gypsum board partition - strong partition wall

What made a strong gypsum board partition wall ?

1. The metal stud being used for framing of the partition - the thickness, spacing and broadness as illustrated in photo 2 and 4. A broader metal stud with closer spacing will make a stronger frame, hence a stronger partition wall.

2. Suspended ceiling being installed for the partition - suspended ceiling will provide the grip on the partition wall as illustrated in photo 1.

The bigger-than-normal partition room as shown in photo 1 was built without other reinforcement besides the metal stud, hence the necessity of having the suspended ceiling to grip and keep the partition in place.

3. The height and width of the partition as illustrated in photo 3 - partition wall height of not more than 10'0" ( ten feet) and width of not more than 20'0" ( twenty feet ) built within the perimeter of the column turned out to be a strong wall which used normal metal stud as framing.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Suspended ceiling - construction principle

1.0 A 20'0" x 20'0" suspended ceiling being installed properly by following the guidelines is a very strong ceiling.

2.0 If the same principle is applied in constructing another ceiling with an area size twenty times bigger, that will also be a very strong ceiling.

3.0 We believe that the strength of a suspended ceiling is not affected by it's size.
The suspended ceiling will be strong as long the the method and guideline are followed :

3.1 fastening tool is used to drive in nail with clip on to the concrete soffit.

3.2 wire is clipped on to the truss or beam.

3.3 the wire is not over-stretched : there is a maximum weight a wire can take before snapping / tearing.

4.0 As can be seen in the first photo of this post, we kept to the wire spacing guideline so as not to stretch the strength of the wire being used to hold the suspended system for the ceiling tiles / boards.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Partition - sound insulation

We had installed an office partition using gypsum board for the technical and QC staffs of a metal container manufacturer right at the middle of the assembly line.

The sound from the assembly line that transmitted to the office was too loud.

How did we insulate the office partition? What did we do to reduce the sound transmission?

As had been mentioned briefly in my previous post, rock wool was used for sound insulation : it was being placed in between the metal stud / partition board and would absorb the loud sound coming from the assembly line that would otherwise be transmitted to the office.

We covered all the portion of the partition wall to prevent the 'sound leak' because how you cover the wall with insulation material also play an important part in determining how good the sound insulation is.

Other 'sound leak' that we looked into were the door and fixed half glass. Windows and doors are the major source where sound can enter the office or from one side of a wall to another.

In this case, with the nyatoh door, we minimised the gap around it's perimeter because most of the sound leaked through the gap around the door ; with the fixed half glass , we installed double glass instead of normal single glass because the air trapped in between the two pieces of glass is very effective in reducing the sound transmission from the assembly line to the office.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gypsum board partition - open plan system

A corner / place for everything and everyone to give a sense of privacy and an ambiance of being "organised" !!

Privacy is enjoyed but isolation is not being encouraged. This partition set-up is an open plan system - "no door is closed because there is none"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Partition - partition for clinic

Vinyl gypsum board partition gives a clean and neat look for the dispensary and consultation room.

Full gypsum board partition for the clinic gives an ambiance of privacy and awe.

Rock wool insulation can be considered to further reduce the sound transmission from inside the partition to the outside.

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