Friday, March 30, 2012

Suspended ceiling system - Advatages over fixed ceiling

Advantages of suspended ceiling over ceiling with fixed or permanent features are:

1. Easy installation of the suspended grid system for the ceiling tiles to place onto it. Ceiling tiles come with the painting and surface finishing done. For ceiling with fixed features like plaster ceiling, there are still mudding, sandpapering and painting work to be done after the installation of the ceiling board.

2. Easy replacement of ceiling tiles that are damaged by water leaking. And ceiling tiles are easily and readily available, thus making the replacement job very D-I-Y.

3. Easy access to repair work of wiring, piping and ducting above the ceiling grid as the ceiling tiles can be easily removed or taken down. 

4. Suspended ceiling is ideal for rooms with bathrooms / toilets overhead which comes with underlying plumbing / piping. A suspended ceiling under this situation where leaking takes place will save the customers a lot of time and money in the repair work.

5. Function as a better sound barrier.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Replacement of suspended ceiling tiles

Exposed ceiling grid suspension system is the most commonly used type of suspended ceiling in factories and offices in Selangor / Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Ceiling tiles in sizes of 2'0" x 4'0" or 2'0" x 2'0" will be placed onto the suspended grid system created by ceiling tees locked together.

Suspended ceiling contractors / installers construct the ceilings with a grid system suspended from roof or existing ceilings with wires and hanger rods. A space between the ceiling grid and roof is created. This in-between space is ideal to hides ducting, piping, wiring and exposed beams.

It is a common practice to install drop-in fluorescent ceiling light in the suspended ceiling in Selangor, Malaysia. The space allowance thus created has made replacement of suspended ceiling tiles and repair on the ceiling suspension system easy and inexpensive. The ceiling tiles can be easily removed and taken down.

The low maintenance cost of suspended ceiling system using 2'0" x 4'0" ceiling tiles is the main reason why this is the popular choice of ceiling to many companies. One can do the replacement of suspended ceiling tiles easily without engaging the service of installer.

Apart from this, there is a variety of designs and materials of ceiling tiles to choose from. When there is a wish to have a different ceiling look or a need for a different ceiling function, suspended ceiling system allows that. That can be done with no changes to existing suspended ceiling grid.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tempered glass for panels of partition wall and door in public places

This is the article from the Star 13/3/2012 which highlights the importance of title of this posting.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Suspended sliding door - Frameless with DORMA door suspension system

Tempered glass suspended sliding door is a design concept that is ideal both for living and working environment.

This door concept creates a right balance between function and nice-look to the interior of offices, home offices or homes.

A large open space can be converted into smaller rooms to suit the working or living requirements. Where space in not big, suspended sliding glass door can help one in using the available space effectively and efficiently. The sliding door can function as partition to separate and create rooms / space for different purposes.

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