Sunday, December 27, 2009

Something for deliberation (21)

Went for trekking with my sons this morning. Later, we went to the stall at the park for breakfast. I finished my nasi lemak ( rice cook with coconut milk, eaten with fried dry chili paste ). Then my youngest son asked his brother, "what is this long thing in the chili paste?". Without my spectacles, I told him, "it must be the chili not properly grounded!". On closer look, the brother said, "it's a cockroach, pa!"

Everything stopped for a moment. Customers at the next table looked over. The nasi lemak was well liked here, so many customers would have taken the same food as we did.

I called for the operator and showed him the culprit. Upon seeing that , he apologised profusely to me. He took out his phone and called the supplier saying he would complain and get him to come over.

I didn't wait for the supplier to come. I asked for the bill. The operator said it's on him and I said no, "those food which were clear, I will pay except the one which was not".

Before I left, the operator explained, "I am very sorry for the incident. Hope you understand that I don't cook and prepare the food. I buy from people to sell. ( He felt the explanation was needed because I come here to eat whenever I come here trekking )

I said, "Fine! That point I can understand. There is a cockroach found in the rice, what is your action? You have to do your part, play your role with responsibility. Don't be out of business because the food other people cook which you are selling is not hygienic, when you provide good service and are well liked by the customers for your good PR? You have to do quality control. You cannot keep quiet and keep buying from this people.

My point is this :
You don't cook the food, so if it's unhygienic , that is the fault of the cook; if you buy food from cook who cannot cook clean food ( after bringing the matter to his attention ), then it's your fault. You are being more irresponsible, in fact. Don't just blame the cook for not cooking the food in a clean way, you too can help in that matter by playing your role RIGHT!

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