Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tempered glass door - the common problems of tempered glass door

1.0 Most of the problems on tempered glass door are caused by the floor closer. We used to get calls and emails from factories in our areas of service like Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Klang and Port Klang regarding tempered glass door giving problems!

2.0 What are the common problems of tempered glass door?

2.1 The door cannot shut at all.

2.2 The door takes ages to shut.

2.3 The door shut too fast ; there is no control in shutting ; it flings.

2.4 The floor closer is giving out squeaky sound when it closes.

2.5 The tempered glass door leaf sinks and touches the floor.

3.0 What caused the above problems?

3.1 Wear and tear - the floor closer exceeding the life span ( exceeding the set number of times utilisation ).

3.2 Not properly maintained - water being clogged in the casing.

3.3 Subjected to excessive or abusive usage - like not letting the door shut by itself.

3.4 Not being installed according to standard procedures.

3.5 The capacity of the floor closer and the door size do not match.

4.0 When properly installed and under normal usage and surrounding conditions, floor closer by VVP, DORMA, KWF-TEC, USAF will not get spoilt easily. They come with warranty period.

5.0 We don't do tempered glass door / floor closer repair : if it's under warranty period, customer will get a replacement for the faulty set ; if it has reached it's life span, customer needs to change for a new set.

6.0 When the pivot of the floor closer shows sign of oily patch and spreads to the cover of the casing, it is the sign that the floor closer is about to give problem.

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